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Friday, February 4, 2011


I love STFU parents. It is a hilarious website and I certainly have people in my life who fit the bill. Actually considering submitting a few updates from a friend of mine currently. It's just maddening. I love STFU so much that I think I would like to see another one started.

STFU WORKOUT MANIACS!!! you know who you are. The ones who post a fb status about the fabulous "tempo run" you had tonight at the gym. Sometimes you write about food too. Sometimes you're really really lame like Ryan S**** on my friends yesterday posted that he had RAN 1.06 miles with a time of 16:04. Er, Ryan, that's called WALKING. I know I know, I've been guilty of this in the past, but thankfully I have seen the light y'all. No. One. Cares. Except. You. So keep it to yourself.

Exceptions are: marathon runners (hey, I'll even give you a 1/2 marathon) and Ironman Triathalon finishers, also Special Olympics. Go ahead and give a little shout out. You deserve it. But still, we don't need the nitty gritty details of your training schedule.


  1. Haha Runners who run at a walkers pace need love too. But then, you already knew that I felt that way.

    And I've totally been restraining from list what day of shred I'm on (it's day 7 BTW) but I haven't. And after reading this it's obvious that I'm making the right choice. :)

    I wish I had a whole day to dig into the archives of STFU, I laugh and laugh and laugh some days until I'm drooling on the keyboard. LOVE IT.


  2. Oh My Jenny Jenny,

    See, the difference is, I really enjoyed seeing your shred stuff on your blog last time. Maybe it's not so much a matter of stfu workout maniacs, but actually the people in general;)