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Monday, January 24, 2011

unsolicited advice

This morning after I dropped L and Q off at school I took the little boys to Target to pick up a few things. Emmett, well, he's just "full of personality". We made our way over to the food section at the end of our trip to pick up a few things. One being a pound of ground beef. He took one look at it and dry heaved, gagging out loud and saying (LOUDLY), "Yuck! Blech! Gross Mommy!"

I was dying laughing. Like body shaking laughter. Probably because he learned that from me, champion queen of being revolted by the mere idea of raw meat.

I noticed a woman looking at us and we made eye contact.

Her: "YOU KNOW, if you LAUGH out loud it will only ENCOURAGE him to keep behaving that way!"

I'll bet her kids never come and visit. Never call, never write...

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    Keep behaving WHAT way? Imitating his super duper funny mommy, and showing her that he is developing his own sense of humor? Oh Stop! STOP NOW! How could you possibly want to encourage that?