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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I an Optomist or a Realist

WTH?  I don't even know.

It's very difficult explaining to people who care to ask.  But.  The only thing I have is that my step-mother-in-law is now facing "incurable, Stage IV (eff those roman numerals) breast cancer."  I hate it.  How do I describe my relationship with Charlotte?  It's hard because sometimes I worry about who I might piss off.  Like, MY mother?  My "blood" mother-in-law...

Charlotte is my go-to girl.  I have my go-to guy, but she is next in line.  And sometimes first in line.  That's just how girlfriends are.  But she's not my "friend" specifically.  She's  not my "mil" specifically.  What is she to me?  She is who I call after I drop Lucy and Quin off at school and I have a 15 minute drive to Emmett's school.  She's who I text, not all that often, because I would rather hear her voice, but...