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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Religious Instruction Fail

This morning we were skipping church per our usual at this time. I was instead devoting my time to going through all of the file folders in my filing cabinet, especially the kids' since I was looking for their Christmas cards. And by "their Christmas cards" I mean the ones that I save for them each and every year with a lovely letter I write to them on the back telling them about their year and just basically how much they rock. This is the ONLY thing I do. I suck at baby books and I mentally pat myself on the back for keeping up with this ONE thing. Oh, also pictures, those are at least organized and BACKED UP praise the Lord into folders every month. I am awesome.

Evidently Emmett has been in the files because there are old LG&E bills in his folder, etc. AND ONLY QUIN'S CHRISTMAS CARDS. I feel sick to my stomach.

The funny thing is that I did them last year. But we moved. If I don't find them I will surely die.

Another funny thing is that isn't even what this blog was going to be about. When Quin and I were looking through his special stuff he found an envelope that was given to him by our old church when we had him dedicated to God which I don't even know how I feel about that anymore wow. On the envelope it says, "To be opened on your baptism".

Q says, "What is baptize?"

How do you explain that to a kid? Lucy knows because she has been in church with us and has seen them week after week. So I told him that it's when they dunk you under the water at church. He looked at me with an absolutely bewildered expression on his face, paused for about nine seconds and finally said, "You mean, like, in the TOILET?"

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