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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found

I thought the world would end. Yesterday I spent a good 78 minutes going through the files. I laughed, I cried. I sobbed when I finally finished without finding any of the kids' cards with the exception of Quin. I had been alone back by the computer and upon the conclusion of my search I walked into the living room, tears running down my face and said to Kirk, "They're gone!"

He, unaware of the angst that was taking place in the back room was surprised to say the least. I sobbed my way upstairs to take a shower because who doesn't like a good cry in the shower? It's my adult version of dramatic crying. Teenage version was always done in front of the bathroom mirror. It would always make me cry harder to see myself crying. And oh the raging hormones. I could be in there for an hour. Glad I've moved on to the shower thing. It's much more normal.

While I was crying in the shower I don't know WHAT MADE ME REMEMBER THEY ARE ALL IN THE BABY BOOKS! The only thing in Emmett's baby book as a matter of fact. I finished my cry, raced downstairs with a smile on my puffy face and ceremoniously ripped those books out of the bookshelves, tore them open and BOOM, pictures. Kirk was, to say the least, surprised. Again.


  1. YAY!!! That is some great news.

    I totally used to do the thing in the bathroom mirror. Whoa it's going to be weird having teenage girls in the house when I still feel like one myself most days. Sigh!

    I remembered liking the color of blue my eyes were when I cried and wishing I could get that blue with the puffy.

    Thanks for your awesome comment yesterday. Made my day!!!

  2. I have done absolutely nothing sentimental and keepsakey for my kids. Having dealt with the ordeal of having to sort thru belongings when my mom died and then my mother in law, I do plan on leaving a 'secret box' of things designed to freak my kids out when I die and they find it. So far I'm thinking giant dildo and a bong. Suggestions welcome.

    Glad you found your stuff : ) xox